A fully functional computer at the price of an usb flash drive

A fully functional computer at the price of an usb flash drive

We all have heard from causes like “One Laptop per Child” and the Raspberry Pi Foundation http://www.raspberrypi.org/ trying to bring computers to kids. In the end i think the Raspberry Pi  is addressing a different target group but nevertheless both organisations are as well addressing issues as giving people with low income the chance to be part of the digital revolution.

The Raspberry Pi in the end is retailing for around 40 USD at the moment and eventually will go down to like 25 USD but it is still just a pcb and not really supports latest Android out of the box etc and so i see this device like more for hackers and makers.

But wait isn’t there anything focusing the consumer market and having the same price tag?For sure and especially me looking always for devices like this i have had an interesting found last week walking through electronic markets in Sham Shui Po Hong Kong, its called the Smartcandy.

It is a kind of candy on multiple levels, first it is focusing the consumer market, it is colorful and its small. It much more remembers me on an USB flash drive than on a computer. The whole thing is advertised as an extension to our TV, which is plugged in via HDMI and brings the whole world of Android to your Big Screen.

Yes there are many boxes out on the market which are bringing android to your TV but most of them are retailing for around 100 to 150 USD this one goes for around 39 USD at local Hong Kong retail market. Taking a look into the “tech specs” normally one isn’t getting the latest version of Android for example or the device has a bad resolution, but this one comes with Android 4.0 and is supporting a 1920*1080 resolution via its HDMI output. The Smartcandy as well includes a MircoSD card slot.

So lets go back to the headline of my story. A couple weeks ago I bought a USB flash drive and it was retailing for exactly the same price as the Smartcandy – 299 HKD (around 39 USD).

We will see a fundamental change in the hardware sector in the near future and one assumption to this trend is, in the near future it will be very easy and straight forward to sell services maybe directly embedded into the hardware even for small companies and startups.

An example would be, you would love to have a scoreboard for your startup at your office on the wall mounted TV . Just order a scoreboard stick plug the stick (preloaded auto run application on boot up) into your TV and configure the whole application via your laptop over the internet and here goes the scoreboard live within seconds. I am sure we will see much more packaged solutions where hardware and software as a service is provided as once not only in the B2B sector as well in the B2C one.