Noodles @ MCDonalds not in Asia in Austria ?! WTF

Noodles @ MCDonalds not in Asia in Austria ?! WTF

As i am living at the moment in Hong Kong i am surrounded by things like BubbleTea and Noodles for 24 hours 7 days a week. Recently some interesting things happened and MCDonalds introduced BubbleTea in Germany to its shops and as well in several other countries. But this afternoon they broke the news again with their newest dish launched.

McDonalds is offering Noodles, yes you are hearing right they are going to offer Asian Noodles and the most surprising thing is, this in the country where Schnitzel is the most famous dish and Asian food is just an emerging trend coming up after the SUSHI MANIA :)

So now beside salads, wraps, coffees, burgers and BubbleTeas there are Asian Noodles on the Menu at MCDonalds Austria and Asian style stir-fried noodles will be seen on the streets of vienna carried around in cardboard boxes eaten by chopsticks.

The fact this is happen in Austria Europe and not in a country like Singapore or Hong Kong which are equal markets when it comes to size in terms of population. I would see them much more as an approbate test market and it would fit in my opinion much more than having them on the Menue in Austria.

So what we can expect next at MCDonalds? ….Indian Curry ?  And would you like to taste them as one of my friends already did :)
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